Meet the Team

CBCI is a devoted team of skilled and gifted chefs, scientists, nutritionists, business strategists, brand and marketing specialists, and creatives inspired by our Chief Executive Chef Charlie Baggs. Every day, we are developing new and innovative solutions for clients looking to break through the ordinary in the foodservice industry.

 Executive Team

 Technical Team

Culinary Team


Richard Yoo
Chief Marketing Officer

Guy Card

Manuel Card

Linda Card


Charlie Baggs Culinary Innovations is composed of experienced and devoted chefs, researchers, business strategists, and creative minds who develop new and innovative solutions for our clients.

It’s all about the flavor.
This obsession with flavor—it’s Chef Charlie’s personal Philosophy;
It’s our corporate Mantra. And it’s just the start of what sets us apart.

Attend the Chef Charlie Baggs Workshop. Classic Cooking Techniques: Culinary Arts Fundamentals

Join us Monday, April 9 to Friday, April 13 in Chicago for this high-impact workshop. Registration is extremely limited