Ideation (2)Ideation (2)

  • Chef Inspired Insights: Driven, unique concepts created just for you
  • Optional client participation
  • Effective, efficient ideation methods

Whether you’re bringing your own ideas to the table, or just have a rough set of guidelines, we can deliver with practical, craveable concepts.

We have collaborative, specialized teams that consider the culinary appeal, technical feasibility, and marketability of your project. Our people will lay out a roadmap to success.



  • In-house concept to prototype development
  • Nutritional and claims guidance provided
  • Gold Standard recipe delivery with sensory documentation

DevelopmentOur knowledgeable teams of chefs and scientists bring concepts to life. We’ll bring you in to collaborate with us, ensuring the closest realization of your vision.

Additionally, we offer group training sessions in our kitchen and lab to you or any part of your staff that is looking for a new perspective on your product.

Need to showcase your product at a tradeshow? Our corporate chef representation will bring out its full potential at the biggest trade shows in the industry.

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Commercialization (1)

  • Scalable formulations of Gold Standard recipes
  • Manufacturing guidance
  • Factory to retail coverage

Our Culinologists and R&D experts will take your Gold Standard recipe and create a scalable formulation, ready with your manufacturing process in mind, while remaining as close as possible to the original taste, texture, and appearance of the original prototype.

The technical experts at CBCI are capable of guiding you and your product through the manufacturing process, proving their perspectives of efficient and safe manufacturing methods.



  • Branding Solutions
  • Brand Management
  • Consumer Insights
  • Media Services

Our Marketing team has the capability to design, execute, and draw insights from consumer research to optimize your product’s value proposition and brand. We can take your idea and create a brand identity and style guide to create brand expressions that are impactful and motivating.

Once your product development is complete, our videography and photography services will add to your suite of creative assets to help bring your brand to life.

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