Flavor and Product DevFlavor and Product Development

Our chefs are constantly inspired to create recipes that are efficient, consistent and nutritious. The collaborative nature of our culinary experts ensures that each product is unique and intriguing.

Menu Refresh and Development

Menu Refresh and Development

When developing a new menu, we set goals and clear objectives to meet them. We provide a wide array of options by balancing quality and cost to meet and exceed client expectations. The options we provide are sustainable and practical for our clients to execute and market. They look great and they taste even better.

Corp Chef Support

Corporate Chef Support

Passing along knowledge is how chefs have trained each other for centuries. Our holistic understanding of the culinary world allows us to train staff, represent companies, support trade shows, and develop and execute food truck concepts with confidence and authenticity.

Portfolio Review

Increasing Sales and Brand Awareness

Our portfolio reviews, technical assessments, and chef to chef outreach programs are a beginning to end efficiency and relevancy program aimed to make the clients business more profitable. By eliminating redundancy and applying innovative insights, success is sure to follow.



We are happy to share our passion, enthusiasm, and knowledge. By helping educate and train our clients, they are empowered with insights, ideas, and information that will help them market and sell their products more effectively.

Case Studies

Attend the Chef Charlie Baggs Workshop. Classic Cooking Techniques: Culinary Arts Fundamentals

Join us Monday, April 9 to Friday, April 13 in Chicago for this high-impact workshop. Registration is extremely limited