Technical-AnalysisTechnical Analysis

The Culinologists and Research chefs at CBCI are capable of running a wide array of analyses in order to understand any aspect of a product they work with, from base chemical and biological interactions to complex flavors and tastes.

Nutritional AnalysisNutritional Analysis

By utilizing advanced software and measurement techniques, our scientists can measure and record the physical properties of any food or ingredient, including allergens and nutritional facts.

Reverse Engineering (1) copy

Reverse Engineering

We are experts and matching and improving on existing flavors, as well as formulating our own replications completely independent of the original product’s contents.

Innovation-Pipeline DevInnovation Pipeline Development

Innovation is in our name. By assessing the current market conditions and putting our minds to the test, we can provide intriguing and practical concepts. Our development of gold standard recipes and commercial formulations give those concepts form, and create a path to success.

Case Studies

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