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Street Foods / Ethnic Flavors

Stuffed Falafel If you’ve never had a real authentic middle eastern piece of falafel, I suggest you head to the nearest ethnic neighborhood and try one, not a sandwich, but just one piece of perfectly fried falafel.falafel2It should be crispy on the outside, soft, fluffy and steaming on the inside. It is made of a paste of chickpeas, parsley, and spices, but it tastes unique and unlike any one of the ingredients that are in it.
And after you taste or make your first real falafel, venture into the stuffed falafel….
Traditionally, there are two stuffings; pureed red hot peppers (Shatta Harra) or sautéed onions in sumac (shown in here). The falafel is filled as shown in this picture and deep fried.falafel3
 This stuffed falafel tastes great in pita bread w/ tahini sauce and greens, or alone as finger foods, especially with the sweetness or the onions contrasted w/tart sumac. Whatever you do, just make sure to eat it fresh. -Chef Lubna Alamat