Monthly Archives: March 2010

My First Trade Show by Chef Katie Nicholas

A couple weekends ago I traveled to Anaheim, CA to meet Chef Charlie and Chef Adam and help them prep and cook samples at the Commodity Classic. I flew out to California, rented a car and was off to do the shopping while Chef Charlie and Chef Adam finished up the Pizza Expo in Las Vegas.
The Anaheim convention center alone was madness; the night before seemingly nothing was put together, while the next morning everything looked perfectly set-up. We represented one of our clients and passed out three different samples each day; grilled cheese, salad and beer braised brats with caramelized onions was the first day.  The next was followed by pancakes, salad and chicken Marsala. Everyone at the show loved the food and we were one of the only booths to serve samples throughout the day. The prep and cleaning situation was very different than a kitchen, but we had to adapt to the conditions and in the end everything worked out great. It was enjoyable to interact with the customers while cooking, hearing many different stories and explaining to them what we were making.  The show was primarily for farmers and we were using soybean oils to show how to cook delicious, healthy food. I loved listening to how hard these farmers work and how much they love what they do for a living. All in all, my first experience at a trade show was great, it didn’t really seem like work, just doing what we like to do best and talking to people about it!