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"Indy 500 2010; the Food" By Trent Albert

Indianapolis certainly is home to the “Biggest Spectacle in Racing,” but inside and outside of the track the crowd is the “spectacle” where the food is more an accompaniment to help with the continuous flow of liquids that helped one stay alert and beat the heat.
Coolers were abundant; some were one for all and some used the team approach trying to carry as much in as possible for fear of having to purchase a $5.00 beverage. I opted for the cash and carry option as I had a camera in one hand and needed to keep the other free for a beverage or feeding. This said, I was almost thankful that a 16oz wasn’t 8.00 as in most ML Stadiums. (Indy will find out soon enough)
The “Lemon Ice” was a popular choice to keep cool with lines that would rival any amusement park attraction. Turkey legs were also a hit with the “onehanders” like me.  The legs were obviously the “heat and eat” variety, so fresh and unique they were not.  Hot dogs, tenderloin sandwiches with corn on cob sides and mountains of fries were there as well. 
This said the best food at the race was the food brought in or enjoyed at the tailgate prior and after the big race. Nachos, guacamole, chips-n-dips, sandwiches, dogs, steaks . . .
My race partner Larry Yurko and I enjoyed many a cool beverages in the shade of the penthouse deck just across from the “Pagoda”.  With the shade of a metal roof close over head, I reminded Larry that we were closer to the sun and heat was kind of like being inside a “Solar Oven”.  96 degrees with a track temp of 130 made me think our breezeless 105 was the place to be. (The couch with the remote in hand and AC cranked would be a good combo as well.)
We snacked on sandwiches with Bavarian ham, Gouda, tomato, red onion, basil and oregano on wheat bread, also, a Mediterranean dip served with “Pita Rounds” made with cucumber, feta, celery, onion, tomato, black olives, balsamic, olive oil and more fresh oregano. It must be noted that Larry did not know that I had packed a picnic and asked that I purchase some BBQ pork rinds to hold him over until we got to the track at a fuel stop.
Fresh cold snacks before and after the race made for a great day. Sharing the “spectacle” with 3.4 million other racing enthusiast and non enthusiasts made for a long day. I haven’t been to the race since 2005 and must admit that it will probably take that long to jump back into the heated saddle again. Great time, great party and the race was good too.