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Best Burger Ever?  By Chef Lance Avery

This guy walks into a bar and orders a burger, but this was no ordinary burger… It’s starting to sound like a classic joke. But the burger I had at The Bad Apple  was anything but a joke.  Craig Fass and Mandy Franklin, the owners of The Bad Apple and the 90 day dry aged prime rib wagyu beef burger are not joking either.  Their concept is a legit contender to the burger crown of Chicago.  This $26 burger is based on simplicity, as it should be.  They start with a nationally renowned butcher, PAT LA FRIEDA,  based out of NYC. The burger is perfectly round, over an inch thick, and cooked rare (like a modern day white wedding), until just warm in the center. There are no warning signs stating that if you eat this undercooked meat you might get sick. There is no need. This burger IS sick. But in the most positive way. It is actually far better than any burger I’ve tasted. Can you even call it a burger? It’s a steak really. A really soft, tender, steak, ground up and served with a 5 year aged cheddar (slightly more dominate that it needs to be) and smoked pork belly (a perfect pairing) from Gene’s Sausage and completed with a simple white soft bun. This “steak burger” pairs perfectly with Chicago’s own Half Acre’s Daisy Cutter Pale Ale. This is a must eat for any burger lover out there, just remember it’s only served on Wednesday, don’t ask me why.