Monthly Archives: December 2010

'Honky Tonk BBQ' by Trent Albert
After a Holiday Party lunch of appetizers at Shaw’s we needed a little change, so to Honky Tonk we went.  Located at 1213 W 18th Street, Honky Tonk BBQ offers a variety of smoked goodness.  Set in a neighborhood tavern with rescued portrait and landscape art from dumpsters all over the walls.  The décor is a bit eclectic but fun all the same.  The music was low key yet entertaining.  A country duo led by Kent Rose was on hand to provide the Bluegrass.

Inside Shaw's

We sat at the bar as two men should and quite often do.  On the recommendation of my friend John Egan we shared an order of Candied Bacon.  Very flavorful.  I learned that they are best eaten there as when I brought some home they became rock hard.  A bit in the microwave and they were better but not the same as in house.  This is definitely not your mom’s bacon.  These had to start out ½ inch thick or better.

'Not your Mom's Bacon'

We then tried the Brisket Sandwich.  Very flavorful but a bit dry for my liking.  Served on a corn meal encrusted bun with a horseradish on the side.  Even with the horseradish far too much liquid was needed to get it down.  Good thing there was plenty on hand.  The brisket retained a pink color throughout resembling a ham in texture and color.  

Brisket Sandwich

Not my crave but I will be back to work my way down the menu and definitely order some more bacon.