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'Central Texas BBQ' by Chef Lance Avery

With more than 24 hours to kill, stranded in the wasteland near Houston Hobby airport, I stumbled upon a total gem of a place.  Central Texas BBQ was that place.  From the outside it looked sketchy, situated in an early 80’s shoppette, with zero character from the outside, inside was a different story.  Once you stepped in, you knew care was given to those commodity pieces of meat.  Quality is relative. Yes there using budget quality meat. How do I know?  They “displayed” some of their boxes as you walked in. But with the right smoke, some time, and some kickass BBQ sauce you can turn a low grade piece of meat into something quite special. A plate lunch came to $9, with a substantial portion of brisket (see the smoke ring) 2 sides (braised Brussels sprouts and sausage and beans) and a drink you could say I was in hog heaven. The brisket was incredibly tender, with an excellent char on the outside, still very moist and perfect smoky accents. The beans were awesome, with ample amounts of sliced andouille sausage; it could have been a meal itself. The sprouts were cooked to the extreme but adding a little Tabasco chili vinegar and a pinch of salt brought them to life.  A glass of unsweetened tea washed it all down. Bummed that the meal was over, I began to ponder what I should do for the next 23 hours. I would have been back for dinner but at Central Texas BBQ their hours of operation were 11-3 only.