Monthly Archives: October 2011

'No Soup for You' by Kirstin Massmann

Now that the weather is cooling down and football season is in full force I crave soup daily.  Growing up, my mother spoiled me with delicious, homemade soups.  When I got to college I had a very brutal awakening when I realized how hard it is to come by tasty soups.  Let’s face it, if it’s in a can, pouch, box, or bag it’s not great.  The flavors taste artificial, the vegetables and noodles are always mushy, and the meat is either nonexistent or rubbery.  There is not a soup on the shelves that compare to what a great soup should taste like.  That being said, instead of wasting any more money on worthless store bought soups, I decided to make one large pot of soup each week and freeze the leftovers in individual sized ziplock freezer bags.  Week one I made traditional chili, week two, white chicken chili, and week three, bacon and corn chowder.  This week is week four and I’ve decided to double up my efforts.  On Tuesday I’m going to use the chicken bones I have left over from smoking a chicken on Sunday to make a chicken stock.  Chicken stock is a great thing to have on hand when making rice, risotto, roasted chicken, soups, etc. and it can be frozen in large or small quantities and used over the course of a couple months.  Then on Thursday I’m gearing up to make Pozole, a traditional Mexican pork and hominy stew.  I will be open to trying new recipes all winter long, but the beauty of making soup is using what you have in your pantry or refrigerator to make something new and great.  I’ll be sure to start taking photos of my many soups this winter.