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'The Beginning' by Chef Intern Christy Gaylord

As I near the end of my first week here at Charlie Baggs Inc., it’s incredible to reflect on how many different projects I’ve helped with so far.  I only started last week, yet I’ve been exposed to a more complete picture of the culinary industry during that time than one year culinary school.  From conceptualizing new menus and dishes for fast food chains, to writing recipes and executing prototypes, there is a lot that goes on in Charlie Baggs’ kitchen. Beginning
I’ve always been drawn to culinary arts, but it wasn’t until my sophomore year at a different university that I decided to transfer to a culinary school.  So far, I’ve completed a year of my culinary training and at this point in the curriculum, you’re sent off on internship to kitchens, restaurants, catering companies, or test kitchens.  It can be a little bit of a shock going from a school environment to a real company or kitchen; but I’m excited to get some real world experience more than anything. Working in a research and development environment allows you to explore so many different aspects of food. For example, today I sat in on a meeting with a group of executives from a company that were sampling prototypes of recipes that Charlie Baggs chefs developed. Being able to be a fly on the wall during that experience, allowed me to understand how various clients think, and how they view their customers and products.  It really shows me that there is a lot of work that goes into a dish; from the first bit of inspiration that becomes an idea, then a recipe, and then with some trial and error, it’s on the plate. I think the more I can understand this process, the better I can be as a chef.