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Imaginative Ways to Use Yogurt on Your Menu

We have been using yogurt in more ways with success than we would have ever imagined years ago when yogurt hit the mainstream market. There was a time yogurt was made by my grandmother from fresh milk or cream and served commonly in the morning or for an afternoon snack accompanied with other fresh ingredients.
We would have a bowl of fresh yogurt served spiced with vanilla with a fresh navel orange, California walnuts and local honey. You know when a combination is perfect when it is a favorite still with so many other possible combinations. A classic combination lives on in our daily menus.
While I have been using plain yogurt for a base to marinating lamb, beef and chicken for years there are so many other applications that drive flavor, texture and replace fat. When I use plain yogurt in a marinade I will add other distinct flavors to drive the flavor I am achieving.
My classic favorite is a combination of garlic, shallot, black pepper, garam masala, turmeric and coriander. This marinade is a combination of flavor, color, aroma and tenderizing ingredients. The color of the meat will have a yellow tint from the turmeric, incredible savory flavor, creamy texture aroma from the spices complemented by the coriander.
We love it when grilled or roasted served for lunch or dinner. My latest creation with yogurt is in my creamy low fat and sodium salad dressing. This base formula has so many flavor combinations that are craveable. I will list a few now; creamy poppy seed, cracked black pepper with agave nectar and apple cider vinegar.
Another favorite is a creamy champagne vinegar with fine herbs. I will combine the vanilla yogurt with champagne vinegar, Dijon mustard and fine herbs to taste. This recipe I will fine tune with fresh honey until I get the balance of taste I am achieving. Try your imagination to create other flavors.
Do you use yogurt in your menu? Or do you want to, but need help incorporating this ingredient? Get in touch with the CBCI team.