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Walnuts: The New Plant Based Protein Trend

A major concern with all diets particularly vegetarian and vegan diets is a lack of protein. A well rounded plant based diet provides all the nutrients needed to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Walnuts are becoming a new well known source of protein because they have a higher protein content than other nuts. High protein intake diets help with muscle strength, satiety, and weight loss.

So, how much protein do walnuts contain?

The USDA lists walnuts as having 15.23g of protein per serving. They are also known for healthy fats and having a lower carbohydrates than other nuts.

Don’t forget about the health benefits!

Research has proven that plant based diets or predominately plant based diets are the healthiest diets. Incorporating walnuts into your diet can help prevent cancer and diabetes. In addition, walnuts can promote gut, heart, and reproductive health.

And the best part is…. Walnuts can easily be incorporated into all diets!

Walnuts retain their health benefits whether they are cooked or not. They can be tossed in a salad, infused in a soup, and a variety of other options.

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CBCI Chef Juliet Green will be a special guest at the upcoming California Walnuts event, Walnuts @ Work Live.

This live virtual event will feature some of the most innovative chefs creating plant based recipes made with California walnuts. This Chef vs. Chef event will also be interactive with viewers, so you will decide who wins!

The event takes place October 28, 2020 from 11AM – 12PM PDT.

Click here to register for the event.