5 Essential Thanksgiving Dishes

Thanksgiving Food Ideas

Here at Culinary Innovations, we know that Thanksgiving can be an overwhelming time of year whether you love or loathe cooking. Even our chefs have a hard time preparing a holiday meal for their families.

We want to help make your Thanksgiving meal simple and effective. Take a look at what we consider the 5 essential Thanksgiving dishes and their recipes along with it.

The Classic Green Bean Casserole

This traditional casserole seen on almost every Thanksgiving dinner table is not only simple to make, but also not time consuming. Plus, the ingredients are easy to find. Click here for the full recipe.

Homemade Mashed Potatoes

Is there anything better than creamy, buttery, steamy, mashed potatoes? Forget about instant mashed potatoes during the holiday and make them from scratch. Our secret is to keep adding butter! Check out this recipe for a flavorful mash.

Did Someone Say Stuffing?

A good stuffing can make or break your Thanksgiving dinner. Most people only eat this once a year so it’s important to get it right. A basic understanding of stuffing is a mix of seasoned bread cut into cubes, onions, and herbs. Everything else is extra and packs a ton of flavor. Try this stuffing recipe!

Roasted Turkey

Of course roasted turkey is part of our essential Thanksgiving dishes list. Probably the most intimidating thing to cook on Thanksgiving is turkey. Fear of a dry and flavorless turkey haunts all home cooks. Our secret is, it’s all about the brine. Check out this recipe for a simple rendition.

Homemade Pumpkin Pie

Is it a Thanksgiving dessert table without pumpkin pie? Anyone can go to the store and buy a pumpkin pie, but making it yourself can be a game changer. Although it takes a while to prepare pumpkin pie can be made days before Thanksgiving unlike other dishes that need to be prepared the day of. See this recipe for a simple and flavorful pumpkin pie!

Recipes seen here are from Delish.com