'90 Miles Cuban Cafe' by Chef Lance Avery


With two little ones (4 and 2) one could say I don’t get out as much as I did years ago.  So when I went to 90 Miles Cuban Cafe (http://www.90milescubancafe.com/) twice in two days you could say I was impressed.   I have always loved a good Cuban sandwich and this is near the top of the list.  The key to a good sandwich is the bread.  And they nailed it.  Crisp, chew, and soft, all at the same time.  Temperature is also important.  The “Lechon” sandwich came out insanely hot, which is often more difficult to achieve than one would think.  Their empanadas were top notch as well.  Better than the restaurant that sell only empanadas in the same neighborhood.  The place is tiny, probably enough seats for 8 people.  But they have a ton of outdoor seating, so come summer you’ll probably seeing me there, with the kids this time.


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