'A Great Time' By Judith Wuestner


My name is Judith, I am from Austria and I had the pleasure to spend a couple of weeks with Charlie Baggs and his great team in his innovative kitchen in the beautiful neighborhood of Lincoln Park. I got that great opportunity while I was in Chicago for an international language school.
 When I had my first interview with Chef Charlie and his kind wife Kathy I was just excited about what they are doing. I have never heard about such a company or business before and I was absolutely into it within the first second. Charlie introduced me into his ideas of expanding his business activities; the way he presented his vision mesmerized me and I felt very excited about to support him with that.
 The next day he asked me to see him again and my fascination kept growing. I met some of the team members and chefs working with Charlie, and it was like I was meeting the friendliest, most patient and open-hearted people ever. That day the team did a photo shooting of new serving recipes for a customer. I felt like a small child because everything was so exciting – the chefs cooking and measuring the new recipe, the photograph was keeping an eye at every tiny little detail; it was very professional and they really knew what they are doing! I felt like at home!
 Starting my internship the following week I worked on the new project and supported different cases in marketing management. It was a pleasure for me to have the freedom to work independent and to implement all my ideas. Not only my opinion and my outside point of view were asked, also my working skills and universal background were highly appreciated. No matter what I did before or learned at the university, it is hard to transform all that knowledge in a company you didn’t know before and even in a foreign language. But all the positive responses I got made me very proud. Whenever I entered the kitchen after school it was a great feeling to see everybody working hard and professional and having fun with what they are doing and I had fun as well!
 My internship was almost like a dream: I had the opportunity to combine my professional skills of strategic marketing and my aptitude for creative work with my affinity for food and the food industry.  I would like to thank Charlie, Kathy and everybody else for that great time I had at Charlie Baggs Inc.! It was a great experience a lot of fun and I’m sure that I will ever look back to you!


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