About Us

“It’s all about the flavor!”

This obsession with flavor is Chef Charlie’s personal philosophy; and is shared by his team.  Back in 1999, the whole idea for CBCI was sparked by Chef Charlie’s life-changing decision to create a different kind of food consulting company– a company that was a pure blend of his fiery passion for creating new flavors with his rigorous training at the Culinary Institute of America, and his whole-hearted devotion to the business of hospitality. 
Today after 21 years in business we have gained another mantra that is so relevant client’s success and our business:

“We bring flavor to life.”

We work as strategic, trusted members of our client’s team to offer a blend of culinary talent and business aptitude. Our nimble and energetic team of skilled and inspiring chefs, scientists, and business strategists create craveable and marketable culinary applications. Every day, using our unique accelerated process, we develop new solutions for clients looking to break through the ordinary and help them achieve success with a practical go-to-market approaches.  Bottom line, we believe it’s not good enough just to create great products and flavors. We must create great products and flavors that sell.  And that’s just the start of what sets us apart.
We provide a customizable, solution-oriented, full portfolio of services to meet your needs, timing, and budget. Our success as a tenured consulting firm is built long-term client’s relationships and we look forward to creating that same collaborative relationship with your team.  From inspiration, culinary & technical services, to creative, brand & sales support, think of us as your trusted one-stop partner always ready to serve you.
Learn about our full portfolio of services and how we can help your team bring flavor to life.