Next month Jenn Farrell, director of R&D, and Zal Taleyarkhan, corporate research chef, will give a joint presentation on different approaches to sugar reduction in formulations at the Global Food Forums Clean Label Conference in Itasca, Ill. In their presentation, No sugar coating – A practical approach to delivering sweet flavor without calories, the pair will draw upon their years working in food and beverage product development and expertise in bringing flavor to life.

In a recent LinkedIn poll, 77% of respondents said taste was the most important attribute when selecting a sweetening ingredient.

Blending culinary and food science techniques, they will discuss different approaches to reducing or replacing sugar in formulations with nonnutritive sweeteners, naturally occurring sugars, fibers, and flavor enhancers through the lens of a product developer. With a focus on formulation creation and ingredient identification, they will also dive into the importance of flavor building and formula modification from a culinary and gold standard perspective.

As key members of the CBCI technical team, they will share insights from their product development projects on how to go beyond the usual adjustments to match texture, mouthfeel, and taste. Finally, they will examine the scale up and commercialization of formulas with an eye to maintaining optimal flavor delivery in end products.

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