Asparagus! by Chef Kyleigh Beach


 May 4th marked the opening of the outdoor Green City Market in Chicago’s Lincoln Park and that means one thing to me – heaps and bundles of asparagus!  For the first month or so of the market, asparagus, rhubarb, and strawberries seem to be the only offerings, but that’s fine by me.  I adore asparagus and look forward to its springtime debut all year.  I love it grilled alongside a steak, sliced up in a stir-fry with sesame oil, garlic, and shrimp, and folded into an omelet.  But my absolute favorite way to eat asparagus is in a pasta dish I have loved since I was a kid – Penne with Salmon and Asparagus.
 I have realized that many of the dishes I make from my childhood have evolved quite a bit from my mom’s version, but no matter.  My current version is delicious in its reality and the past versions are delicious in my memory.  The dish I make now features ingredients I believe to be two of asparagus’ perfect partners – butter and shallots.  Give the recipe below a try and let it evolve into something of your own.


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