'Baconfest 2011' by Chef Lance Avery


This year’s baconfest in Des Moines, IA was perfect.  I have been a sponsoring chef since the festival’s initial year.  It has grown exponentially over the four years and will most likely double or triple in size again next year.  Tickets sold at an alarming rate, selling out in less than 30 minutes.  Hats off to the following bacon sponsors who made this event possible:  Iowa Farm Families, Niman Ranch, Eden Farms, Hormel, and Farmland.  Since my two sous chefs (Jeremy Rierson and Mark Thomas) and I were in charge of serving 800 bacon sausages to the hungry crowd, I wasn’t able to partake in much of the event other bacon concoctions.  From the sweet side this is what you could have tasted:  Bacon Butterscotch Extreme Cake and Bacon Brownies, Breakfast in Bed Cheesecake, Bacon Bourbon Caramel Corn, Maple Glazed Bacon Donut, Chocolate Bacon Ice Cream and Maple Bacon Doughnut Holes.  This is what they served on the savory side:  Bacon Sliders, Bacon Wrapped Sea Scallops, Porky Tacos, Bacon Carbonara, The Encased Iowan (our bacon sausage), Bacon Pork Slider, Bacon Wrapped Breadstick, Bacon Explosion on a Bun, The Elvis Pizza, The BLT Pizza, and Stuffed Mushroom Cheesecake.  I might have a bias but our bacon sausage was incredible.  It went over so well, we might even do it again next year. 
OHHHH BACON!!!!!!!!!!


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