"Boiler Room" by Kirstin Massmann


About a month ago another couple, my boyfriend, and I decided to try Boiler Room located under the California Blue Line stop in Logan Square.  We heard they had good pizza and beer which sounded about perfect for a casual Friday date night.  We arrived at about 8pm and were greeted at the door with an estimate of an hour and forty-five minute wait.  Our spirits were broken a bit but the rain outside and the overwhelming delicious pizza smell drew us inside for the long haul.  Once we could pay attention to anything besides the mouth watering pizza smell we took a look around at one of the more original restaurant atmospheres I have seen in a while.  It exceeded my expectations from The Big Lebowski projected behind the bar to very metal and rustic Chicago ‘L’ themed bathrooms (tough to describe, you just need to see it for yourself).  After a couple good draft beers we were sat at about 9pm.  Before I can move on to the menu I have to make a note of the Boiler Room’s everyday special called the ‘PB&J’.  Forget any prior knowledge of what you think PB&J stands for because you’re probably wrong.  At Boiler Room ‘P’ stands for pizza slice, ‘B’ stands for beer (PBR tall boy), and ‘J’ stands for Jameson shot.  This lovely little PB&J special is a grand total of $7.50, a staple at Boiler Room.  In addition they sell good sized individual slices for $3-$4, but there’s no fun in that.  It gets fun when you go to the ‘Build Your Own Pizza’ section.  This section has 8 sauces to choose from including house, Thai cream cheese, and pesto.  Followed by 8 cheeses, 14 vegetables, and 14 meats (one of them being 6 eggs) available to build your ultimate pizza.  The possibilities are endless and if we weren’t so hungry we could have spent hours going back and forth on what we wanted to try.  Instead we made a quick decision to go with a BBQ pulled pork pizza with roasted peppers.  The crust was a great balance of crunch and chew.  The pulled pork was juicy and well seasoned and the overall flavor of the pizza was great.  This defiantly is a place I’m looking forward to going back to when I have plenty of time, would like to have a few drinks, and am wanting to try new pizza combinations. 
Boiler Room
2210 N California Ave – Cash Only – No Reservations


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