CBCI Behind the Scenes: Market Expansion

CBCI Behind the Scenes: Market Expansion

Expanding your culinary brand into new markets is both an exciting and intimidating endeavor. The critical success factor is always flavor. Identifying ways to bring your unique flavor experience to a wider group of consumers is the best path to building a following for your product and gaining lifelong customers.
The process of expanding your market or attracting a new demographic to your brand is one that takes both time and business savvy to properly execute. When you want to expand your culinary brand, you need a team of expert chef consultants on your side.
Every day at CBCI we meet with clients seeking to increase their consumer reach but not sure about where to begin. In these cases, we turn to ideation sessions that enable us to gain important insights into their business. These customized sessions, conducted with multi-functional stakeholders, provide a “road map” for how to best launch a market expansion initiative.
Once a road map has been developed, our team of chefs uses a number of tools to begin reaching your target demographic:

    • National Account Representation – Optimize sales opportunities through consultation on targeting and distribution strategies, facilitating industry introductions and developing new product applications.
    • Sales Presentations – Combine all of the sales and POS materials needed to effectively tell your story, as well as address customer concerns and consumer needs.
    • Trade Shows – Represent brands at industry trade shows through in-booth product demonstrations.
    • Sales Collateral – Design and write marketing materials such as sales slicks, product brochures, promotional web pages and more.
    • Consumer Panels – Conduct consumer sensory and product development testing in our Innovation Lab.
    • Brand Services – Assess your brand’s unique value proposition and help ensure that your product attributes and positioning support it.
    • Sales Activation – Help facilitate collaboration between manufacturing and retail companies to identify new opportunities and take advantage of combined resources.
    • Client Promotions & Event Planning – Conceptualize creative ideas for wowing customers with spectacular events that are on-brand and on-strategy.
    • Food Photography & Videography – Illustrate product versatility with photos and video for websites, packaging, presentations and more.

From ideation to execution to market expansion – making sure your flavor connects with the widest possible audience – is our top priority.  


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