'Chicago Chefs' Table' by Kirstin Massmann


In so many of our blogs we are reviewing restaurants all around the country.  We pay close attention to every aspect of service while we are dining at these restaurants.  The Charlie Baggs, Inc. team has combined every part of dining that we find to be memorable and have created The Chicago Chefs’ Table.  The CCT is a soft marketed private dinner club run by Chef Charlie Baggs and the Charlie Baggs, Inc. team.  Periodically we will feature special guest chefs from around Chicago and the world.  Our style sets us apart from other restaurants.  When we cook for our guests it is the only dinner we cook for the day and the hospitality is unsurpassed…all attention is on our guest.  When creating a specialized menu the finest ingredients in the city are sought.  Often the dining room is accompanied by musicians for a true artistic experience.  Charlie Baggs says; “When we bring our culinary together with live music…the magic begins creating a life time memorable experience”.  Our Matre’d Manuel Fila from Ambria restaurant pays attention to all the detail that goes into great service.  CCT is a BYOB facility but our chefs can guide you with their knowledge of fine wines and cocktails that will compliment the experience and take it to another level.  Combining culinary execution with ultimate hospitality has carved our path in private dining.  Located in the arcade level of the history Belden Stratford, this is a true underground restaurant experience.


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