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Desire for hospitality runs deep – pandemic or not

Our industry is in flux for sure. People have gone through a difficult time with the pandemic conditions over the past couple of years, and their behavior has changed indelibly as a result. Once again, people are comfortable cooking at home, enjoying their family while cooking and eating together. Yet, we all still yearn to be taken care of and to dine out with friends, colleagues, and family. We enjoy being served and trying new food and beverages. When people go out and leave the cooking to foodservice professionals, they can focus on the group they are with and engage in meaningful discussions. So, there will always be a need for dining out and enjoying food outside the home.

As a result, we can count on the need for hospitality now and in the future. Afterall the definition of hospitality, “the friendly and generous receipt and entertainment of guests, visitors or strangers,” will remain consistent with what the foodservice industry provides. And it reflects what consumers desire now and forever.

In addition to hospitality, the focus on quality food products, customer satisfaction, and reasonable pricing will be paramount. We will always have to keep diners’ interest first and foremost, but diners will have to be able to see through the eyes of the operator and be fair, as well. In every good relationship, there needs to be a “win-win” approach. So, diners will have to work with the operator and be tolerant of the challenging times, all while the operator will have to do their best to provide diners with the true definition of HOSPITALITY.

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