"Differences between American and Russian Food Preferences" Oksana Kostryuchina


Food is a main part of our life. Every day we have to eat. Of course we pay a lot of attention to our meals. Every country has their national foods. When we visit some countries we are very curious about national foods.
Currently, I’m the student of the International language school in Chicago. I’m Russian and love Russian food, the same time I enjoy trying something new. In the USA I’ve tried many foods such as Burger, Hot-dog, Deep pizza… I have eaten Burgers in my country, but here it tastes different. American burgers are absolutely delicious. The Deep pizza is the most delicious pizza that I have ever tried. I just love it.
In my country we eat some soup every day, especially for lunch. Generally in American soup is not as common. Of course if you‘d like to eat soup you can also find it in some restaurants, but it tastes different.
I love the Russian soup called Borshch.
Borshch is one of the most famous Russian traditional foods. It is full of vegetables and meat. This kind of soup is very common during cold months (which it is almost the whole year), because it is served hot and you get energy.  I like to eat it with pirozhki (another national Russian food). These little pastries can be packed full of potatoes, meat, cabbage, or cheese. 
Okroshka (Russian Cold Soup) is a national favorite, low-calorie, refreshing, and full of vegetables soup which is very popular during summer. We also prefer eating it with Shashlik (similar to Barbeque).        
One other difference between American and Russian cuisine are beverages. Russians love a hot tea as much as Americans love a soda with ice, probably because of Russia is cold country.
I enjoy being here and trying real American food.


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