Food Styling – Part 1 by, Chef Casey


I have worked as a Food Stylist for 5 years and every photo shoot I have been a part of has provided a unique experience. Having worked in various studios ranging from a tiny wall within my apartment, to glamorous and elaborate professional photo studios; I have really gotten exposed to both ends of the spectrum. These particular shots of me Food Styling are from a photo shoot where I was styling muffins all day. I have worked with muffins on set before, but there were some challenges for this particular shoot I was faced with. First was finding the perfect blueberry muffin that had just the right amount of blueberries distributed within as you sliced it in half; because I was styling shots that had muffins cut in half, I went through a lot of muffins. Another challenge I stumbled upon was controlling the melted butter. Because time is so limited on set, food just does not hold up well under a heat lamp for maybe more than a few minutes. By the end of the photo shoot, I had picked through about 6 dozen muffins, however, I successfully styled 8 glamour muffin shots. I surprisingly ate a leftover muffin for breakfast the next morning; they were that good. 17140_534127417452_24100159_31505047_6378210_n


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