"Gin Joint" by Culinary Nutritionist Kirstin Massmann


Prior to enjoying a full meal at SNOB (Slightly North of Broad) in Charleston, SC, Tim (my boyfriend) and I stopped in at The Gin Joint located at 182 East Bay St.  From the convenient location we were afraid we were going to get some watered down run-of-the-mill drinks.  This speakeasy themed bar absolutely did not disappoint.  The décor consisted of bottles of liquor (locked cages of the good stuff) and long tables for bigger groups and shared dining.  True to the name, they had a large variety gin cocktails, but not exclusively.  Tim’s decision was easy when he read a short bio on an in-house infused tobacco bourbon Manhattan followed by a smoked maple old fashioned with house smoked B maple syrup, Wild Turkey 101 proof, rye whiskey, and black walnut bitters.  I, as always, struggled with the decision but was swayed by the lady next to us to order one of the specality gin drinks featuring cucumbers and basil.  Cucumbers have been an uprising ingredient on the cocktail list for some time but basil was new for me.  I must say, despite its lime green color, it might have been the most refreshing and interesting drink I’ve ever ordered.  After we realized these cocktails were something worth writing home about we decided to try one of their small plates.  They didn’t have a large menu but had a few interesting dishes.  At the time, a couple chefs at CBI were developing soft pretzel recipes so we ordered the soft pretzels that came with a house ground mustard and a sriracha cheese sauce.  The pretzels were soft but hearty  with a perfect buttery brown crust and both sauces great for two very different flavors.  Knowing we had dinner reservations following this snack we didn’t order another small plate but did share a hunk of their house made beef jerky, which is sold for $1.00.  Although the flavors did not go with my basil gin drink, it was really tasty with an emphasis on pepper, perfectly tough, and a great finish to our Gin Joint experience.  We will certainly return to the Gin Joint and look forward to trying the new on trend cocktails they are offering.


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