Heaven is in the form of a cup cake By: Tatiana Smith


If you haven’t heard heaven has landed on earth in the form of a cupcake. Sprinkles, has finally opened its tenth store in Chicago and the buzz around town is sweet. People believe me when I say they are the best single serving of deliciousness you will ever have. Ladies, they will mend you heart after a bad breakup; they will satisfy those crazy cravings that come every month. They are spectacular. I have been waiting for this store to open for months, checking the website weekly just to make sure I wouldn’t forget the date. Memorizing all the amazing flavors, and the days they would be available. Even printed out the flavor card and taped it to my bathroom mirror. At this point my boyfriend thought I was slightly crazy. I mean who goes this nut’s over a cupcake. But, little did he know this wasn’t you ordinary bake sale, birthday party cup cake. No, this was something on whole other level.  So, on Sunday July 25 at 10 am I stood in line with 30 other people patiently waiting to buy my little piece of heaven. When I finally got to the counter my heart started pounding, I wanted to start jumping around like a 5 year old in a candy store, screaming “I want it, I want it” but I had to pull myself together and act like an adult. I ordered two red velvets, a black and white, chocolate marshmallow, and a peanut butter chip. For the record, these were not all for me. I jumped in my car and did 85 mph on Lakeshore Dive, trying to get home because I didn’t trust myself alone with them. When I got into my house, I jumped right into bed and my boyfriend and I began to indulge. My first choice was the peanut butter chip. People, there are no words to express how I felt while eating this cupcake, the sensation can only be described as life changing. With my eyes closed, I finally took a deep breath….exhaled….and with a little giggle said, “that’s the best thing I have ever had” and with one look at my boyfriend’s face I knew he felt the same.


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