"I 'Hearth' Vermont" by Kirstin Massmann


I was given the opportunity to visit Vermont for the first time to spend Labor Day weekend with my boyfriend (Tim) and his family.  Being super into food Tim really wanted to take me to a Vermont staple favorite, American Flatbread.  For those of you who shop at Whole Foods or Trader Joes you may have come across their frozen pizzas.  Last week I saw their cheese and herb was actually just rated ‘best overall frozen pizza’ by Yahoo’s “Big Bite Taste Test” with comments like ‘pizza in its purest form…’ and simply ‘ohh yum’.   After hearing all of this hype just a week before our trip I was pretty excited to try the real thing!
We drove out to Burlington to have lunch at the American Flatbread Burlington Hearth (a hearth is brick or stone-lined fireplace used for cooking).  I wish I could say it was just like any other good pizza joint, but with a hearth in the middle of the dining area and pizza names like “Medicine Wheel”, “Dancing Heart”, and Tim’s favorite “Punctuated Equilibrium” you begin to see this flatbread has some added flair.  But could their pizza back up their crafty names??  
Well let’s see…For starters their menu is packed with not only all organic products but actual names of local farms where they get their ingredients.  It is also stated right on their menu that their fresh local ingredients are put on a flatbread that is made with “100% organically grown wheat milled into a white flour w/ restored wheat germ, filtered water, Kosher salt and fresh yeast”.  Only five ingredients!  Rumor has it some restaurants’ chicken nuggets (not to name names) have upwards of 43 ingredients but this flatbread pizza dough manages to be so delicious with only five. 
Needless to say the taste and flavor of the flatbreads we chose were outstanding and totally deserving of their interesting original names.  Although I have not tried it yet, but if their frozen pizza is half as good as what we had in Burlington I can now understand why American Flatbread has dominated the frozen pizza category.  So this is proof that a great simple recipe with fresh local ingredients is usually the best way to go!  Keep up the good work American Flatbread, there are many restaurants that could learn a thing or two from you about serving real food.


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