'It's not your food pyramid it's MyPyramid'


In the last ten years the United States Department of Agriculture has put an extensive amount of work into updating the old food pyramid. You may recognize the old pyramid from your health textbooks in middle school or even your kids’ books (for you older folks). At the time it was a huge breakthrough for the USDA to start putting focus on healthy eating. Like everything else, the times have changed and the USDA has issued a new, bigger and better version of the food pyramid. This new beauty can now be located at ‘MyPyramid.gov’. This website projects the great idea that no two people are alike, so why should they be eating the same amount? Little Susie who is 5 feet flat and a freshman in college should not be consuming the same amount as your Uncle Dan who is over 6 feet tall and tips the scales at 315 (all muscle of course). The new MyPyramid.gov site takes your height, weight, age, gender, and physical activity into an account and creates your very own specialized ‘MyPyramid’. The first thing you may notice once you’ve created your MyPyramid is the bright color scheme. Not only are these colors appealing to the eye but sends another very important message: Eat Color! Different vitamins and nutrients are associated with different colors especially in fruits and vegetables (i.e. orange = beta-carotene … green = chlorophyll and fiber… red = lycopene … and so on). The USDA has also transitioned from “servings” to “ounces” on the new MyPyramid. Contrary to popular belief “one serving” does not mean “what you are served”. Switching to ounces will clear up any confusing as to whether one serving is equal to half a cup of pasta or a full cup of juice (or was that a full cup of pasta and a half a cup of juice??). Finally, notice our friend making his way up the stairs to a healthier lifestyle. By adding 30 minutes of physical activity on most days a week you can grow (or shrink) into a healthier you! So ‘let’s move’, let’s eat, and let’s start living healthier lives!


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