'Jack LaLanne' by Kirstin Massmann


As you might have heard, Jack LaLanne died last week in his home of respiratory failure due to pneumonia.  Jack was a pioneer in the health and fitness world encouraging people for the last 75 years to get off their ‘keisters’ and move!  His philosophy was that “The only way you can hurt [your] body is not use it.  Inactivity is the killer and, remember, it’s never too late.”  This is something that would benefit all of us especially as we get older.  Jack was known for his swim from Alcatraz to Fisherman’s Wharf with his hands and feet shackled while toting a boat behind him at 60 years old, pretty impressive if I do say so myself!  Today there are hundreds of fitness icons from Bob and Jillian on The Biggest Loser, to Johann Verheem the inventor of the Shake Weight.  Jack LaLanne paved the way for these and many more fitness enthusiasts to continue to inspire millions of people to be active in their own lifestyles.  In 2006, Jack stated that ‘dying would be bad for his image’ I think we can all agree that at 97 years old his image remains intact.


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