Alphonse Griger

For many professionals in the Culinary Industry, their passion began with a simple flip of a pancake or crack of the egg into a hot pan as a child. For Chef Alphonse it began by shoveling that piping hot food into his mouth and enjoying every last drop of love that went into its creation. After deciding that his original goal of pursuing a career in the field of science was not the right path, he decided to follow his mother’s suggestion to try cooking for a living. This simple choice led to the combination of the two things in life he loves most, Science and Food!

Chef Alphonse received his Bachelor’s degree in Culinary Nutrition with a focus in Research and Development from Johnson and Wales University in Providence, RI. Over the years he has experienced food production in nearly all of its forms: QSR restaurants, yacht clubs, catering companies, cooking agencies, sports stadiums, pizzerias, bars, farm to table restaurants, and fine dining. This combination of all his experience has given him a broad knowledge and insight into food production. It allows him to view challenges and opportunities through the eyes of the operators to make sure that the solutions provided at CBCI are operationally focused.

Chef Alphonse loves research and experimentation. He is often found observing his surroundings and studying potential CCP’s that can be optimized for the clients. He excels at creating concepts and techniques that are out of the box and translating this into his work to provide clients with a refreshingly new and tasty food solution.