Jonathan Crossland


Chef Jonathan Crossland is a classically trained chef who has been working in the professional food industry for over 35 years. He had a formal apprenticeship with a European Master Chef. After many years in the restaurant industry and owning his own restaurant, Chef Crossland moved into food manufacturing when he started a family. 

JC’s passion for food came about as a necessity.  His mother worked nights and he became responsible for the cooking as he was the oldest child. It blossomed into a love of the kitchen and the artistry of cooking.

JC has traveled the world and led food tours to find new flavors. His travels to Asia, South America, Europe and more have influenced his cooking and culinary philosophy.

Because in most of his industrial career he was interfacing directly with Chefs, Marketing teams, Food Scientists and Production people he has a perspective from all sides of the product development challenge. He brings that focused perspective to all of the CBCI clients he works with.

Jonathan is also a professional Artist and one heck of a funny guy….or so he thinks.