Nicole VanWort



Nicole VanWort was born and raised in the suburbs of New York City where her passion for food was created from her exposure to different ethnic cuisines during her childhood. After taking culinary classes during high school and working in restaurants, Nicole attended Johnson and Wales University to study Culinary Arts followed by a Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary Nutrition with a focus on Food Science and Product Development. 

During her senior year in college, Nicole attended Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand to study critical food gastronomy and sustainability. Upon returning to the states, Nicole moved to Chicago, IL and brought all of her experience in the restaurant industry to her position as a Product Development Chef with Charlie Baggs Culinary Innovations. 

Chef Nicole thoroughly enjoys the discovery phase of projects when she can delve deeply into food and cuisine research required for successful development. This information informs her recipe development to assure that our clients the most successful outcomes. She is also very proficient in planning menus, prepping delicious samples, and representing our clients’ brands at trade shows and large events in our culinary space.