Tamieka Hardy

Tamieka Hardy has always possessed a zeal for food dating back to her childhood. She is known for stating how much she admired the ways meal times unite family and friends, especially during the holidays. The drive to perpetually recreate this bond drove her to pursue a career in the food industry.

Tamieka gained an understanding of the correlation between diet and health while pursuing an Associate’s Degree in the Culinary Arts at Kendall College in Chicago. This knowledge along with the desire to coordinate healthier eating habits for people in her community, a community where diet-derived illnesses are prevalent, drove her to focus on dietary habits and the biological and chemical attributes associated with dietary trends. Tamieka continued her education, attending Dominican University, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in the dual majors of Food Science and Nutrition, and Culinology®, and then a Master’s Degree in Food Safety and Technology from the Illinois Institute of Technology. Her academic experiences instilled in her an understanding of the functionality of foods in the diet. She advocates for implementing a well-rounded diet and healthy lifestyle choices to improve quality of life. Tamieka achieves this by unifying experiences through her career in culinary science, food safety, and regulatory affairs to create and implement food innovation solutions.

In her spare time, Tamieka enjoys gardening and camping on the weekends. She also enjoys finding new culinary adventures.