'One Star Dining Chicago-Style: Frog Legs and a Sloppy Joe' by Kyleigh Beach


Over the weekend I had my first Michelin star dining experience in Chicago at Logan Square’s Longman & Eagle.  We arrived around 7pm, expecting a decent wait since reservations are not accepted.  The 45 minute wait passed quickly, thanks to some deliciously crafted Manhattans.  (L&E’s whiskey selection is staggering.)  We ordered one bar snack, two small plates, and a sandwich to share between two people.  There is also an entrée section on the menu.  The bar snack was a playful interpretation of Buffalo wings – frog legs bathed in Buffalo sauce, perfectly cooked carrot and celery strips, and a light and fluffy aerated blue cheese for dipping.  The two small plates, scallops and a pork and poached egg combo, were very simply prepared, perfectly seasoned, and featured a wonderful combination of flavors.  Rarely have I ordered a Sloppy Joe out to dinner on a Friday night, but the wild boar Sloppy Joe with pickled jalapeno, fried sage, and beef fat fries seemed entirely too good to pass up and I have no regrets. 
I really like how Longman & Eagle structures their menu because you can have a more traditional appetizer – entrée dining experience or order a bunch of small plates and share with your friends.  The beverage menu is equally as accommodating.  Wine is sold by the glass, carafe (a little more than 2 glasses), or the bottle.  Beer choices range from Old Style to premium microbrews and imports.  And then there’s the whiskey, offered in cocktails, for $3 a shot, or in flights. 
This is my kind of Michelin star dining – fun, casual, creative, and affordable.


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