"Opening a Restaurant" by Lance Avery


I have avoided opening a restaurant my entire life up until a few weeks ago, with good reason.  Let’s just say it’s hard, real hard.  Take a couple of managers to the hospital, hard.  Tear your Achilles heel hard.  Work 105 hours a week and 19 days straight, hard.  Ticket times over an hour, hard.  And yet, amongst all the chaos, sweat and tears, I would do it again and again.  At least with the crew I’m working with.
Meet Tom and Ed.  They are the brains (and often brawn) of the new burger concept Tom and Eddies.  Tom is the ex-VP of McDonalds, Ed, is the ex-CEO of McDonalds.  Yeah, they know burgers.  But they also know their customers, the operations, and exactly what it takes to open a restaurant.  Besides experience, they also brought with them some hard working genes; sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, and grandchildren.  All of them work hard, if not harder than Tom and Ed, without complaint, with the dire determination to get it done, right.  This is the reason why Tom and Ed were successful, and the reason why the will be again; hard work, determination, and some good food.   
In the end, what it all comes down to is the food.  At least that’s what Ed keeps telling me.  And I think he’s right.  From the insiders perspective it was chaotic, but in reality, the opening seemed quite smooth to the customer.  Everything looked good, the write-ups were positive, and customer feedback has been extremely positive.  But what’s most encouraging is that the people love the food.  I’ve spent almost a year with Tom and Ed creating, tweaking, and perfecting every sandwich build, every recipe, and making sure we have the finest raw materials.  The results are there, on every plate, in every bite.  You should come by and try one yourself.


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