'Pork' By Chef Lance Avery


Everyone knows that antibiotic free, hormone free, vegetarian fed, and humanly raised meat is better for the environment and better for your health.  But did you know how much better tasting it is than their conventionally (Concentrated Animal Feed Operations or CAFO) raised counterparts?  We know this because we tested it.  Our friend, Steve McNeal from Iowa Farm Families (http://iowafarmfamilies.com/) came in for lunch the other day.  With him he presented some of their excellent cuts of 100% Duroc pork.  It just so happened that we were having pork tenderloin for lunch, which was purchased up the street, so we decided to do the taste test to see and taste if there was a difference.  Was there ever.  Before even putting a piece in my mouth I could see the difference, IFF’s was much darker, moister and looked richer.  Once eaten there was no comparison.  If you were just eating the CAFO’s pork alone you wouldn’t think there was anything wrong.  But when you directly compare the CAFO pork to IFF’s pork you would almost think they are two different animals.  Over the years we have become accustom to bad tasting pork.  We have been brainwashed to believe pork is the “Other White Meat”.  Yet pork, if raised the way they raise them at Iowa Farm Families, is not white.  Nor should it be.  The reason why the national pork board started that slogan was to try and compete with ever popular chicken.  We have forgotten what it tastes like to have a complex and full bodied piece of pork.  Go try some today.


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