How to Capture the Flavors of Seafood

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Not only are there so many cooking techniques that work well with seafood, there are as many ways to spice it up. I’m thinking of a simple sauté or roast combined with a herb pesto of some sort served with fresh micro greens, sliced mango, watermelon or peaches aside roasted beets. Take these flavors and textures, and add some edible flowers to the dish to make it a real wow to the eyes and sensory system.
We are also seeing various seafood tartare’s served with Asian soy sauce with ginger, scallions, garlic and sesame blend of flavor, chimichurri, or truffle oil and roasted mushrooms topped with an Italian dry aged cheese for a boost of umami. Simply delicious and low in fat with a boost of protein.
I really enjoy a fresh filet of seafood stewed in a delicious broth or simple sauce. For example; an Italian Arrabbiata sauce topped with extra virgin olive oil and parmesan Reggiano, light Thai curry topped with crated coconut and fresh herbs, or a simple bouillabaisse rich seafood broth topped with chopped parsley, diced andouille and a drizzle of Pernod to give that anise kick of flavor and aroma.
The various cooking techniques enhance the seafood’s texture, color, and Maillard browning. This combined with fresh ingredients to balance the taste provide a great source of flavorful and healthful protein from the sea.
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