Simple and Satisfying By Chef Katie Nicholas


This past Sunday morning a couple of my friends and I tried a new place for brunch. Located on Division St., just off of Damen, a little place called Milk and Honey Cafe had caught my friend’s eye earlier in the week. ( Around 11 o’clock my roommate Hallie and I came upon a busy café with a line that snaked around the entire room. At Milk and Honey, the customer orders their food, while the hostess finds a table for your party and you sit and wait for your food to be brought to the number at your table. I like this kind of concept for brunch. The menus are written on chalk boards with only a few signature breakfast items and about 10 different sandwiches for lunch. Usually I head straight for the skillet or scrambler, but I was feeling like something different, I ordered the Smoked Salmon plate and a coffee. Kelly and Mandy ordered the chicken sandwich and Hallie ordered the French toast.

The hostess gave us a number and we decided to sit outside in the cool, but sunny air. After ordering, I grabbed my coffee and was impressed by their coffee condiment bar which consisted of soy milk, half and half, skim milk and cream alongside honey, sugar and agave nectar. Seated in a small, fenced in area at the front of the café, I sipped on my warm and fragrant coffee, made just the way I wanted after a long Saturday night.

After a short while our food arrived. My platter of Smoked Salmon was perfect; a big toasted sesame seed bagel, a small ramekin of chive cream cheese, sliced tomato, sliced cucumber and capers. Simple, yet elegant and delicious. The French toast was two huge homemade orange zest brioche slices, served with a pile of butter, toasted slivered almonds and maple syrup. The chicken sandwich was equally as impressive with two fresh, toasted slices of bread, a grilled chicken breast, bacon, lettuce, tomato and a blue cheese sauce, served alongside homemade fried potato chips. Milk and Honey was a great start to my Sunday. No gimmicks, just good simple food, what could anyone else ask for?


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