"Taco Tuesday" by Chef Nina Faustmann


Chef Newman wanted Chef Katie and I to experience some of the best taquerias in Chicago so we ventured out just this past Tuesday to eat plenty of outrageously good food.
Cemitas Puebla
Cemitas Puebla, known for their own cemitas sandwich, is located at North Ave and Central Park in Humboldt PaChalupasrk. They have been featured on “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives” on the Food Network Channel where Guy Fiere came in to try the famous Cemitas sandwich. Without a doubt I knew we were in for something good. We entered through the back door from their tiny hidden parking lot and we were welcomed by the owner’s father with a warm smile and every intention to serve us quickly. Minutes after Chef Newman ordered, a plate of Chalupas arrived to our table. They were arranged alternating with salsa verde and salsa rojo topping off the aged cheese and onion on corn tortillas.
Second, came three Taco Arabes that consisted of nicely rolled thick tortillas with spit roasted pork, onions, chipotle salsa, and a slice of fresh lime. And lastly, we were generously served their famous Cemitas sandwich. It was layered with al pastor, avocado, chipotle peppers, and Oaxacan Cemitas Sandwichstring cheese all served on soft sesame bread. Having the Cemitas sandwich was a first for both Chef Katie and I and it was well worth the wait. It was much different then any other typical meal at a taqueria and it was the perfect way to end our meal at Cemitas Puebla.
Carnicerias Guanajuato and Taqueria
There are many Mexican Markets with the convenience of having a Taqueria inside, but Guanajuato is something else. They are located at California Ave and Elston Ave where you may want to give yourself sometime to find street parking. To get to the Taqueria we had to enter the market where the crowd was not to large but it took a bit to find a spot with limited seating. The action took place in a small corner of the market where you could visibly see fresh fried pig skins through the glass plaCarne Asada Tacoste window. Chef Katie and I were able to snag a few seats as soon as our food came. Chef Newman ordered carne asada tacos with fresh onion and cilantro in a corn tortilla. We all added the hot salsa from the available squeeze bottles and it gave it just the right kick that it needed. He also got us a Chorizo sandwich with lettuce, and tomato on a white bun. I was honestly too full to try this, but Chef Lance back at the CBI kitchen said it was delicious. After eating, we toured around the market where we were amazed on how large the meat selection was at the counter. You could take home anything from marinated carne asada to pork hooves with prices that beat any standard super market.


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