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"Craft Cheese" by Kirstin Massmann

Chef Adam and I spent 5 days in New York working by day and enjoying wonderful restaurants by night.  One evening Adam was set on braving the stormy weather to make it to Tom Colicchio’s Craft.  I could write about the fantastic quail or the decadent roasted duck risotto but instead I think it is very important to mention their very personalized way of serving cheeses.  On their dessert menu filled with sorbet, ice cream, fruit and other desserts is a selection of 8 cheeses.  The cheeses come from Vermont, to Germany, to sheep, goat, and cow.  This may sound pretty similar to other restaurants however it’s in the presentation that changes the way you feel about Craft’s cheese plate.  Once you order the cheeses (3 or 5) your server comes to your table with a chilled marble-topped rolling rack with large wedges of cheeses.  From this rack they hand slice the cheeses and beautifully plate them while describing the origins and flavors of the various cheeses.  This may sound simple, but is a very innovative way to add value to your table service.