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'Deep Dish Pizza' by Camille Gagliano

As a recent French expatriate in Chicago, I couldn’t wait to taste the famous deep-dish pizza.  Actually, I wanted a good one for my first try so I asked for the best place in the neighborhood. So Kirstin and I were going to Bacino’s to meet Kathy and the kids around a big pizza. I haven’t really understood how you order this kind of pizza but Sophie ordered the ingredients she liked and I believe it was a very good choice!
Thirty minutes later, after having talked about the typical Chicagoan’s experiences I wanted to experience (the deep-dish pizza was on top of the list!), a huge pizza came on the table.  I think it was the thickest pizza I have ever seen in my life!  In France we only have Italian pizza with a very thin crust or you can find some thicker in Pizza Hut restaurants but it’s nothing compared to the one I had under my eyes. Actually, we do have a dish that could come closer in appearance of the deep dish pizza: the Tarte aux legumes with meat.
It’s time to taste now! First of all, the tomato sauce and the tomatoes slices are on the top of the pizza, this is weird! There are a lot of fillings such as pepperoni, mushrooms, spinach, Italian sausages, green peppers and cheese.  Actually, I was quite surprised by the aromatic taste of the Italian sausages, I don’t remember having tasted it before but all these ingredients mixed tasted very good. Plus, they were cut in big pieces so it was very consistent and the cheese was very elastic as I like in pizzas.
In France we are used to order one pizza per person. Here in Chicago, one deep-dish pizza was too much for five people and we even took three slices away. It promises a very good lunch for the next day!