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'Kids Cooking: A Lifelong Lesson' by Kirstin Massmann

Now that parents are cooking less, kids are not getting exposed to how to cook at an early age.  We all at CBI think it is very important for kids to be excited about cooking, eating, and food in general.  Although we have always welcomed children into our office and kitchen, recently kids are becoming more of a staple around CBI.   
A cooking show called Jr. Cuisine started filming about a month ago in our innovation center.  This is the first by-kids for-kids cooking show on television.  They make dishes that kids are able to prepare on their own and also invite guest chefs to teach a cooking lesson.  Chef Kyleigh, Chef Adam, and Chef Lance all have been apart of this show.  At the end of this week, Jr. Cuisine will be coming in to do a segment with Kathy and Charlie on what we do here at CBI.  (Not an easy topic to explain in 4 minutes let alone to kids in 4 minutes)  The show is also taking an important interest in nutrition.  I will be on most episodes with a short nutrition segment.  This show will hopefully replace some of the junk that kids are normally watching on Saturday mornings.
In addition to the Jr. Cuisine crew, the other day we had a Brownie troop of 13 third graders in the kitchen to earn a badge.  We had product identification, truffles, and hot chocolate stations and then showed them how to sauté chicken, mix a vinaigrette, and make croutons.  It was so great to see how excited the little girls were to learn about food.
It’s so important to teach our kids about the benefits of cooking.  Not only is it a fun activity but generally is healthier and more cost effective than eating out.  We are really trying to do our part at CBI to educate kids on all of these benefits.  Our efforts will hopefully become lifelong lessons to the kids we come across.