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'Catching Your Dinner' By Chef Lance Avery

Being a fly-fisherman my entire life I have discovered over time that fly-fishing is dependent upon several factors:  a good location, a quality cast, life-life presentation, and a little luck. My latest experience at Isla Mujers, Mexico was all of the above. Finding the right spot where baitfishes are abundant is most essential. Find the food, you’ll find the fish. It’s similar to restaurants, make good food and the customers will come. I found the perfect place where there was a very deep but narrow channel that created a strong current from an open ocean to a quite bay. It only took a couple of casts to get my first hit, though I ended up losing him.  I was prepared for battle, steel leader, large flashy fly, and a nine weight rod.  On my 7th cast I hooked into a real nice barracuda. He put up a great fight but in the end I was victorious. I pulled him on to our golf cart (our mode of transportation) and he was almost the width of the cart. We set off for where we wanted to have dinner that night. I had a plan. I took the fish straight into the kitchen and asked to speak with the chef in my broken Spanish. Instantly a large grin appeared on his face. This is what chefs live for; the freshest of the fresh. I explained my desires as best as I could and told him we’ll be back for dinner at 7. Overlooking the ocean Annie and had an amazing 4 course meal with the barracuda prepared 2 ways; the first simply grilled with sea salt, evoo, course black pepper, and the second course was severed Veracruz style with tomatoes, capers and olives. The simple grilled method was the best, showcasing the clean firm texture and exceptional taste quality of the extremely fresh barracuda. It was my first time eating the fish but, I plan on catching and eating more as my travels allow.