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'Dinner in St. Louis' by Intern Chef Abel Ramos

I went on my first trip with Chef Adam Moore to help out with a dinner party. Upon arriving in Saint Louis, Adam and I bought all the produce for the party the following day. We filled the cart with a variety of produce. We then went to a local meat shop that cured meat in house. We ordered a meat platter consisting of coppa, capricola, lonzo, and Calabrese.
The following morning Adam and I went to the host’s house to begin our work for the day. I started by prepping all the ingredients to cook. I though it was interesting working in someone elses kitchen because it really tests your ability to adapt to a new environment. You have to be extra clean in order to present yourself professionally.
I would have to say my favorite item on the menu was the fried macaroni short ribs. This dish consisted of 72 hour short ribs that were cooked in sous vide. The short ribs were then molded into a ball inside of a creamy mixture of macaroni and panko bread crumbs, and then fried.
As the guests started to arrive, everyone was excited to see Adam and me working. As the night went on, everyone had a great time. Not only here in Saint Louis but in every other dinner party or event that I have attended, the chefs at Charlie Baggs, Inc really know how to show everyone a good time by showing great hospitality and professional skills.