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"Resolutions" by Kirstin Massmann

You may not physically write New Year’s resolutions however it’s nearly impossible not to at least think of things you would like to change in this new decade.  Often they are resolutions about saving money, reading more, waking up early, or keeping a clean house but according to several articles the resolutions that top the charts, conveniently enough, go hand-in-hand with the top four basic criteria that Michigan State has defined as living a healthy lifestyle.  The grand four are quit smoking, hold weight down, eat right, and exercise.
Making resolutions to accomplish all of these can be a daunting task!  It is nearly impossible to wake up on January 1st and accomplish all of your resolutions, especially after the fun of New Years Eve.  Instead, make a commitment (not just a resolution) to change one thing that is unhealthy about your day, and then do this everyday.  They say it takes 28 days to make or break a habit.  Set goals and plan ways each morning to do something healthy.  Before you know it, it’ll be February and you’ll have set into place several great healthy habits and hopefully broken some of those unhealthy ones.  It’s not magic, a fad, or always easy, but the results of feeling great can last not just throughout 2011 but a lifetime!