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"Taco Joint" by Kirstin Massmann

A good friend of mine last week started talking about this new taco joint located on Armitage and Halsted, smack down in the middle of Lincoln Park.  After hearing her rave about it I figured it was time to try this new gem.  It was opening weekend and they were packed, projecting an hour wait for a table of four.  Conveniently enough this Taco Joint (yes that is it’s actual name) is located right next door to the Marqee Lounge where we could get some drinks while waiting for our table.  A short 35 minutes later we were called and seated in the back of a cozy, lightly lit urban Mexican dive.  For all you tequila lovers, Taco Joint sells bottles of tequila and will house the leftovers is a locker for your next visit.  Not ready to make that commitment we each ordered different variations of Margaritas (they have over 10 to choose from) and began scouring the menu. 
We started off with chips and guacamole, or at least their version.  The guacamole we chose was avocados with roasted tomatoes, roasted onions, and roasted red jalapenos salsa served with corn, sweet plantain, and malanga chips.  A nice change to the average ‘chips and guac’ you see at so many Mexican restaurants.  From there we moved on to the tacos.  A few of our favorites included the combo of Jalisco-style lamb and pork stew with spicy cascabel-morita slasa as well as the fajita taco with steak and a ranchera salsa.  Stuffed after the many tacos, we didn’t move on to their salads, tortas, or huaraches (flatbreads).  Looking back I also noticed I did not try the crispy duck confit with cilantro, onion and ancho chile salsa, fortunately enough there will be a next time! 
Taco Joint may not have ‘Big Star’’s big reputation and outdoor seating (an urban taqueria located in Wicker Park) but is great for a casual, fun evening in Lincoln Park or even a late night snack come this Spring from their to-go window.