WelcomeTO Charlie Baggs Culinary Innovations

Back in the year 1999, the whole idea for CBCI was sparked by Chef Charlie’s life-changing decision to create a different kind of food consulting company– a company that was a pure blend of his fiery passion for creating new flavors, his rigorous training at the Culinary Institute of America, and his whole-hearted devotion to the business of hospitality.



Culinary is the genesis core competency at CBCI.  This area includes the creation of new flavors and products, as well as a variety of other critical chef support for our clients.

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In 2012, we opened our expanded, state-of-the-art laboratory. This is where we utilize our sophisticated, in-depth research, science and analysis that are at the foundation of our CBCI magic.

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We are happy to share our passion, enthusiasm, and knowledge. By helping educate and train our clients, they are empowered with insights, ideas, and information that will help them market and sell their products more effectively.

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing the use of digital technologies to market a brand or service mainly on the Internet.

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Kitchen Design & Operations & Engineering

Marvelous skills with full passion to provide and cook delicious foods with full experience in background

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Additional Services

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Client Partners

Attend the Chef Charlie Baggs Workshop. Classic Cooking Techniques: Culinary Arts Fundamentals

Join us Monday, April 9 to Friday, April 13 in Chicago for this high-impact workshop. Registration is extremely limited